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300HR Trauma-Informed Movement Facilitator Training; What makes this unique?

300HR Trauma-Informed Movement Facilitator Training (TIMFT) facilitated by Amanda Jane (SomaPsych) and Kaye Wilkinson (Legacy Motion).

The TIMFT training is an integrative learning experience that teaches individuals how to expand from a teacher, leader, clinician, or caregiver, to an embodied facilitator, holder of braver spaces, and vessel of social justice. The training is applicable for both chronic and acute trauma and both private sessions and community space.

We believe in the importance of not subscribing to any one type of somatic tool or teaching style. Therefore, the training teaches how to be a vessel of creative solutions when holding space. You will learn a range of somatic tools which can be offered to an individual or community and understand how to meet people where they are whilst not assuming that one method works for all. We strongly hold the belief of ‘not one size fits all’ throughout all aspects of this training.

This is an opportunity to become a somatic witness as you work alongside your clients, peers, and communities to build braver spaces for inclusivity, accessibility, and perspective shift that is not based on expectation, colonialism, or shame.

You will be given the tools to acknowledge and change the way you interact with the systems of oppression which are discriminatory institutions, structures, and norms that are embedded in the fabric of our society. All of which gives rise to a world where social norms prevail our impact to heal on an individual basis and as a community.

This is not just a training with a certificate of completion; this is a new way of being, seeing and doing throughout all areas of life. This training will have an impact on the way you hold space for yourself, as well as a profound impact on the relationship to your work. You will gain the ability to work with complex and developmental trauma and everything in between. We also unpack vicarious trauma and what we hold within ourselves as we do this work alongside others and approach life from this lens.

As facilitators of this training and advocates for safer spaces for all, we recognize the need for continued support as you integrate and evolve in your trauma-informed work. We are here to offer an international community of trauma-informed movement facilitators across the globe, who can walk alongside one another, offering support, guidance, and a space to share. We recognize the continual movement and adaptability required when working from a trauma-informed lens, which is why we believe community is vital to stay fully aligned and in service to our work, particularly in a world that can seem to dismantle and work against the values and beliefs of a trauma-informed world.

About the facilitators Amanda & Kaye;

Amanda Jane is the Founder & Director of SomaPsych, an organization that offers online and in-person sessions & trainings to ignite a sense of inner curiosity and promote self-inquiry, discovery, and actualization. Through Yin Yoga Teacher trainings, Trauma-Informed trainings and more, Amanda offers accessible, inclusive and engaging spaces for all.

Kirsten Wilkinson is the Executive Director of Legacy Motion where she brings restorative movement based practices to people who are impacted by trauma. With programmes in Venezuela, Columbia, Greece, Iraq and more, Legacy Motion incorporates yoga, dance and embodied movement practices for people who are in need of alternative healthcare and self-agency.


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