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What is tiered pricing?


Tiered pricing allows you as the customer to choose with integrity the most suitable pricing option for your financial and personal circumstances. 


Why do we use this pricing strategy?


We recognize that we live in systems of inequity, which the SomaPsych trainings speak to. Our tiered pricing aims to contribute toward a fairer system that strives to meet the needs of individual situations and positions of privilege. It seeks to embody our value of meaningful mutual exchange.  


How to choose your tier?


This is an invitation to reflect on your access to resources and privilege, the value of this work, what you can genuinely afford, and what you might pay for comparable training programs. By committing to what is truly within your means you make it possible for others to show up within theirs and we are all grateful for this. 


People from all over the globe, in myriad circumstances, are showing up and continue to benefit from this work. We want to offer this training as far and wide as we can. Our scholarships allow us to share this training with people who are most impacted by these systems of inequity. 


Tier 1 contributes towards our scholarship fund. If this is within your means, contributing in this way enables those who would otherwise not have access to this training to share this work with their communities. This price is for those who are financially well-resourced and reflects the value of the course in Western economic markets.


Tier 2 is for those who have medium incomes, access to financial resources, and are also able to contribute to our scholarship fund. 


Tier 3 allows those on low incomes, with caring responsibilities and from marginalized communities to access this training within their means. 


We are committed to continuously reviewing our tiered pricing to make each training accessible in relation to the current financial market. 


To support the provision of accessible training, we offer scholarships and payment plans. To arrange your payment plan please email our administrative fairy, Esther, at

Finance Policy. Organisational Training. 

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