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Frequently Asked Questions

What even is Self- Agency and is it important?

Self-Agency is a person's capacity to act from a place of individuality, make independent choice from a place of Self. It's personal power. It's control over individual domain. It's important because without free will, free choice and the ability to not only make your own decisions but to then act on them takes away a person's power. We're here to advocate emancipation for all.

How do I know which training is right for me?

Which one lights you up from the inside and makes you think, "YES! That one, that's the one I want to share with the world!"? That's most likely the right one.

It could be that more than one are calling to you or maybe none of them are but you know you want to do one of these because we align with your values, ethos and way of being - if this is the case, let's jump on a call and further breakdown your goals and intentions with this and together possibly find the right match for you. It may not even be a training with us, but don't worry we're not attached, we just want to see you thrive and do what's right for you!

Is it better to do Online or In-Person?

Let us answer with a question... Do you have the capacity, time, energy, resources to do a training in-person or would you be better served to do online and work from home at your own volition? Be assured that quality and caliber are of the utmost importance to us and both version of our offerings will leave you feeling set up to put these practices to use in your real world. For some, a deciding factor is the visceral connection to other people and the materials being learnt - this means, when you learn something or partake in-person you have the potential added benefit of really "feeling" the learnings and allow them to assimilate and integrative on a cellular level. You also get to connect with like-minded people on a face-to-face level. This can be very important for human beings. The choice is always yours.

What does Mental Health Informed mean?

Being mental health informed and facilitating with this lens means that you have done extensive training to understand the layers, depths, aspects and variations of mental health and how it can show up in different people at different times. It means that you understand how to create safe spaces for people to have an embodied experience through education, experience, tools and techniques. It means you bring your education to everything you do and couple it with humanness, compassion and empathy while always keeping the power in the participants hands.