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The SomaPsych Code of Ethics is a guiding application for all individuals who participate in a SomaPsych training. SomaPsych asks those Individuals to honour the importance of and reflect on behaviours in order to show up in service to themselves and those they are working with. 

SomaPsych seeks to create a world where all practitioners and holders of space are working from a trauma-informed lens. We seek to bring empathy and compassion to every interaction and create safe and accessible spaces for all. 

SomaPsych asks that individuals use critical self-awareness and reflexivity to understand what norms, ethics and expectations are operating in each specific context. The individual must use their own judgement to guide them as to how or how not to apply their ethical understanding.


Code of Ethics: 

  1. Informed consent - I support individual autonomy, confidentiality, and transparency about the work and spaces I am creating. 

  2. Student-teacher relationships - I honour the importance of obtaining consent before video recording in meetings and workshops, and collecting student data. I use invitational language at all times so that students have a choice. I understand that both student and teacher have non-negotiable needs that I will respect.

  3. Honesty / integrity - I continuously re-align my actions with my values. Asking myself; What is the guiding force behind why I do this work? 

  4. Equity / active inclusion / anti-discrimination - I actively seek to make spaces inclusive for all, taking into consideration accessibility, inclusive payment options, and cultivating a body-positive and inclusive culture.

  5. Acknowledging lineage / mentors / sources of information - I acknowledge and recognise lineage as well as present and past mentors. I bring forward this recognition throughout my work to respect and deepen students' historical knowledge and contribute to their self-awareness. 

  6. Do no harm / safety - Creating safety is at the forefront of all that I do. I am fluid and willing to change to the needs of others whilst respecting my own needs and values which are non-negotiable.

  7. Personal Moral Code - I honour and stay true to my own personal moral code whilst being respectful and accommodating to the collective moral code.  How do I hold my own moral compass whilst holding the moral compass of society within the different groups I show up in?


“May we be protected together, May we be nourished together, May we work vigorously together, and may our studies illuminate us, May there be no discord between us, Let there be peace, peace, peace” Shanti Mantra – sahana vavatu.

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