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Discover SomaPsych trainings to understand and integrate trauma-informed practices using a variety of different modalities. We offer both educational & experiential training's, for individuals as well as organizations.  

Trauma Informed Facilitator Trainings

Educational trainings for those working in a role of care, such as social workers, mental health counselors, wellness professionals. 

20HR Trauma-Informed

Facilitator Training


An educational space to understand how trauma may show up in the body, how it may manifest in different situations and experiences. Students will learn educational tools to promote biological resiliency, self-regulation and resolution, whilst integrating the practical & embodied experience of these tools throughout. 

This training explores social justice & systemic change, recognising that trauma not only impacts how an individual functions and navigates the world, it influences how they relate to others and how communities relate to them. Through this work, we begin to work towards the types of workplaces, systems, and institutions that we want to see; ones that are human-centred and equity-driven.

300HR Trauma-Informed

Facilitator Training


This  Training equips students with the tools to share trauma-informed practices that include yoga, embodiment, and somatic therapies with all people and all bodies. Embark on this self-journey of wellbeing while simultaneously contributing to collective health and wellbeing for the globe and humans everywhere.

3 modules: 

Module 1: 100HR Trauma, Accessibility, Diversity

Module 2: 100HR Embodied Practices

Module 3: 100HR Social Justice & Systemic Change 


Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings

Experiential trainings for those wishing to facilitate yin yoga classes  yin yoga with the intention of helping to regulate, balance and restore one’s nervous system.

100HR Trauma-Informed Yin Yoga Teacher Training 


This is for practitioners, facilitators, teachers, the curious, and everyone in between. This training is accessible to all who are interested to deepen their practice of yin yoga and share the practice within a studio or community setting.

100HR Advanced Trauma- Informed Yin Yoga Teacher Training 


This is for facilitators and teachers looking to offer the practice of yin and somatics to specific populations and communities who have experienced trauma. 

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