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Support SomaPsych's Scholarship Program

We provide scholarships with the aim of contributing to more equity in access to trauma-informed trainings and spaces for underrepresented minorities (e.g. refugee/asylum seeker, LGBQTIA+, low socio-economic background, person with a disability). We aim to contribute to a more inclusive culture in who has access to holding and entering these spaces. Specifically, we would love to support individuals with a vision to use this opportunity to provide access to these spaces for minority groups / their community. 

Scholarship Program for the 300HR Trauma Informed Facilitator Program. By donating a financial gift you will support individuals to access the 300HR Training in order to support the community they interact within.

** All donations go directly into our scholarship program for the 300HR Trauma Informed Facilitator Training.


Join us as we create Trauma Informed Spaces within diverse communities across the globe. 

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