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Trauma-Informed Trainings for Organizations & Nonprofits

A practical learning experience to transform your offering, organization, professional practice, team dynamics and all other spaces you occupy.

Organizations & Nonprofits we have worked alongside...

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Today, more than ever, we must meet our employees and colleagues with compassion and create safe systems and processes within organizations for all to thrive.

Social injustice and systemic change are prevalent in society today. We must do our work internally and externally to shift the behaviour and mindset that so often perpetuates these damaging social and organizational constructs.

Trauma is an experience shared by all; whether you have experienced it firsthand or know people who have experienced it, it is something we come into contact with any time we work with humans. It is our responsibility to know and understand the impacts trauma has on individuals and communities as well as how behaviours manifest and how we can work alongside them and support people in every field and industry. This training gives you foundational tools and insights into what it means to be human and interact with others in a way that promotes safety, dignity, and belonging.

Inquiry Form

Please fill out the following form so that we can learn more about your desires & needs. From there, we will organise a zoom call to get to know you more! 

Tailored For You

Each training is uniquely tailored to meet the demands of the organization we work alongside.​ For further information please download the training manual. *This training manual is simply a guide to the overall content and will shift and change as needed when we understand your needs.

We offer transformational organizational training programs, both in-person and in virtual program formats. Learn about the different trainings available via the Training Manuals below. 

Inquire Today

The first step is to fill out a form so we can learn about your oganizational needs. You will then be invited to a Discovery Call. In this call, we’ll explore your specific needs and goals, and provide insights on how our expert team can help you create a safer, supportive, and resilient workplace culture. Inquire today and start your journey towards a more compassionate and effective organization.

  • Is food and accommodation included?
    Food and accommodation is not included for this training. Each individual is responsible for providing their own food and accommodation for this training to allow you to find options that best suit your needs, and to keep the cost of this training as low and accessible as possible. We will provide tea, coffee and light refreshments throughout the training. There are many hostel and air bnb options available in Dunedin accessible to the studio via walking, driving or public transport options.
  • I need extra learning support
    We aim to make this training accessible to everyone. Whilst the training will offer a mixture of practical experience and theory, If you have learning difficulties or needs please speak to the team before the training to see how we can best support you throughout.
  • What is the SomaPsych cancellation/ refund policy?
    For all cancellation/ refund information, please visit the SomaPsych Financial Policies document for this training. You can view this document here.
  • How do payment plans work?
    We aim to make this training accessible by offering payment plans. Pleas email to arrange your payment plan. Payment plans are a binding contract between the participant and SomaPsych.
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In August 2023, I attended Amandas 20hr Trauma-informed training through Southland Help where I work as a Kaimahi Hauora coach for people who have been sexually abused. I also own and run a local group training functional fitness gym in Invercargill with over 180 members who attend every week.    

Up until this training, I knew little about Trauma, the affects it can have on someone, the affects it has on the brain and body and had very little resources or confidence to support people through this.      

After just 20 hours with Amanda and getting to know Trauma in its true form, I was hooked. I was amazed that Amanda was able to hold my attention and the way Amanda presented the content in all types of learning styles and in a way, I could understand as I have never been one to be able sit still and listen or be able to take things in and restore and remember new learnings.  


 I walked away from this training with a new vision, a new purpose and increased confidence and excitement to want to learn more and more. From a three-day training session with Amanda and SomaPsych, I now have a new outlook on life, personally and professionally. I signed up for the 300hr Trauma Informed Training and it’s one of the best decisions I think I have ever made professionally.  

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