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Educational Trauma-Informed Trainings
for organizations, nonprofits and individuals
both in-person and online.

Join a global network of trauma-informed practitioners today.

We seek to create a world where all practitioners & organizations are integrating trauma-informed practice. 


Online & In-Person Trainings & Workshops

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300HR Trauma-Informed Facilitator Training 

Somatics, Yoga, & Embodied Practices

Faculty from SomaPsych & Legacy Motion

 along with International Guest Facilitators bring you this 

1 Year Training Program, Online & Interactive

September 29 2024 - September 21st 2025



We are honored to provide Trauma-Informed Training's for a range of organizations in Aotearoa & around the globe.

Take the first step towards creating a trauma-informed organization. We will work with you to explore your specific needs and goals, and provide insights on how our expert team can help you create a safe, supportive, and resilient workplace culture. Learn more today and start your journey towards a more compassionate and effective organization.

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"The 300HR Training is so far outside what most people think of when it comes to health and physiology. It’s interdisciplinary, body-based, and draws from the forefront of research and restorative practices. The more I learn from Amanda and Kirsten, the more I hope this represents the future because the material and methodology relates to every aspect of human existence."

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