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At SomaPsych, we focus on the connection between the body, mind, and spirit, and how it intersects with both the individual and the collective. Our approach to somatic therapy and body-based modalities emphasizes building internal resilience and promoting well-being through a humanized and trauma-informed approach. We work with diverse communities, providing professional training and educational experiences while also creating dynamic spaces that encourage growth and transformation for all. Through our work, we strive to promote social justice and systemic change, helping the collective to evolve and thrive.

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SomaPsych offers educational trauma-informed trainings within organizations, nonprofits and individuals both online and in-person.


Online & In-Person Trainings & Workshops

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300HR Trauma-Informed Facilitator Training 

Somatics, Yoga, & Embodied Practices

Faculty from SomaPsych & Legacy Motion

 along with International Guest Facilitators bring you this 

1 Year Training Program, Online & Interactive

September 29 2024 - September 21st 2025


SomaPsych…the intersection of Body & Mind

"Somatics and psychology intersect in their focus on the relationship between Mind+Body, and in their recognition of the importance of embodied practices and emotional regulation for promoting wellbeing. By combining these two practices, individuals can develop a deeper understanding of themselves and cultivate greater physical and emotional health and widen their window of tolerance."

- Amanda Hanna

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Support SomaPsych's Scholarship Program

We provide scholarships with the aim of contributing to more equity in access to trauma-informed trainings and spaces for underrepresented minorities (e.g. refugee/asylum seeker, LGBQTIA+, low socio-economic background, person with a disability). We aim to contribute to a more inclusive culture in who has access to holding and entering these spaces. Specifically, we would love to support individuals with a vision to use this opportunity to provide access to these spaces for minority groups / their community. 

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Trauma Informed Practitioners Community

Subscribe today to join our Trauma Informed Practitioners Community and learn about Continued Education opportunities through SomaPsych trainings & workshops,

as well as opportunities held by our partners and guest facilitators. 

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