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Initiating Personal Transformation through the power of Embodiment.

SomaPsych focuses on integrated wellbeing that supports body, mind and everything in between. By implementing a trauma-informed approach in all that we do, we hold and encourage braver spaces that facilitate curiosity, growth, and transformation for all. We believe in walking alongside people while holding hope as a possibility every step of the way. We offer tools, techniques, and insights for restoration and balance, individual care and exploration, as well as promoting social and systemic change so the collective can evolve and thrive. Just as soma and psyche is the intersection of body, mind, and spirit, SomaPsych is the intersection of the individual and the collective.

Creating safer, braver spaces for people to explore

embodiment, growth and transformation.

SomaPsych…the intersection of Body & Mind

"Somatics and psychology intersect in their focus on the relationship between Mind+Body, and in their recognition of the importance of embodied practices and emotional regulation for promoting wellbeing. By combining these two practices, individuals can develop a deeper understanding of themselves and cultivate greater physical and emotional health and widen their window of tolerance."

- Amanda Hanna

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100HR Trauma Informed Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Dunedin - 1st-11th July

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"I absolutely loved the training and was inspired by how Amanda skillfully, kindly and sensitively facilitated the weekend that did contain heavy content but also had such a lasting and profound message of hope. I loved how the training covered practical suggestions and recommendations for self-soothing, self-care, completing the stress cycle, discharging energy, etc and encouraged us to think of our own ideas and bring consciousness to this. I really liked the Self-Care Wheel. It was humbling and moving to see so many people attending who really want to show up more, be more intentional and hold compassion for themselves and others - whilst acknowledging that we may have behaviour patterns to shed or modify, and need to kindly and courageously hold ourselves accountable."

 20HR Understanding Trauma for Safer Spaces

Continued Education Opportunities 

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