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Trauma-Informed Facilitator Training 

Somatics, Yoga, & Embodied Practices

Faculty from SomaPsych & Legacy Motion

 along with International Guest Facilitators bring you this 

1 Year Training Program, Online & Interactive

October 1, 2023 - September 15, 2024

300-hour continued professional development and Yoga Alliance Certified.


Module 1: 100HR Trauma, Accessibility, Diversity

Module 2: 100HR Embodied Practices

Module 3: 100HR Social Justice & Systemic Change

Module 4: In Person 5 Night Integrative Retreat (Optional) 

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You will learn the skills to share trauma-informed practices that include yoga, embodiment, and somatic therapies with all people and all bodies. Embark on this self-journey of wellbeing while simultaneously contributing to collective health and wellbeing for the globe and humans everywhere.

Becoming a Trauma-Informed Facilitator
Body-based trauma therapies and movement modalities are a powerful new approach to mental health with the potential to revolutionize the world and your offerings. This training gives students a rich and comprehensive framework for understanding and addressing trauma from a more integrated, mind-body approach. This training is more than an education, it is a transformational learning experience and an opportunity to expand from a teacher, leader, clinician, or caregiver, to an embodied facilitator, holder of braver spaces, and vessel of social justice and change. Through a holistic and whole-being approach, this training will bring forth interconnected practices in trauma theory, social justice and systemic change, traditional and contemporary somatic and embodied therapies, spirit and energetic body explorations, inclusive physical yoga asana variations, functional anatomy and physiology, and immediate body-based tools and methods to encourage empowerment, nurture resilience, and restore connection between ourselves, our communities, and the globe. 


This 1 year long 300-hour continued professional development and Yoga Alliance certified training gives you the missing educational pieces as well as the space to explore somatic practices that will be useful for you both personally and professionally.

What is Trauma-Informed Facilitation?

Trauma-informed means taking into account past trauma and the resulting coping mechanisms when attempting to understand the behaviours of those we are working alongside. It means bringing empathy and compassion to every interaction and creating a brave and accessible space for all. It means being solution-based, forward-focused, and growth-minded in order to move into possibility and overall shift.

When it comes to processing and integrating trauma, talk therapy is beneficial but leaves out the body, which is a crucial component when processing trauma. Our approach is both bottom-up, drawing on body-based practices including yoga, breathwork, and sensory awareness; and top-down with education around neuroscience, anatomy, and trauma theory.  

Why Participate in the Trauma Informed Facilitation Training?

Participating in trauma-informed facilitation training can offer many incredible benefits, both for you, the facilitator, and the individuals you work with. Trauma is a common experience for many people, and it can have a profound impact on one’s life. Trauma-informed training can help you better understand the effects of trauma on individuals, and how it may impact their ability to participate in group settings. It helps us contextualize the people we work with and better understand how to take into account the systems and structures we operate within; this understanding helps us work on the individual level as well as the collective as we work toward social change. 

This Training is Designed for:

See below to discover whether this training is right for you and your profession. Mental Health Counselor or Therapist: Trauma-informed facilitation skills can be highly valuable in a counselling or therapy setting. Facilitators who work in this field may help individuals process trauma, develop coping skills, and build resilience. This specific training helps you incorporate somatic and other body-based modalities and practices into your offering to help regulate and support yourself and your clients moving forward. Social Worker: Social workers often work with individuals and families who have experienced trauma, and may use trauma-informed facilitation techniques to support them. This training specifically focuses on not only supporting ourselves and our clients through challenging experiences but also exploring how to powerfully incorporate wrap-around support and be a catalyst for social change and justice. Substance Abuse Practitioners: Individuals struggling with substance abuse may also have experienced trauma, and trauma-informed facilitation can be an effective approach for addressing both issues. This training equips you with the tools and resources to support people through body-based approaches to nervous system regulation and support. Nonprofit or Community Organization Staff: Trauma-informed facilitation can be an essential skill set for those who work in community organizations or nonprofits that serve individuals who have experienced trauma, such as domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters, or youth programs. This training allows you to feel confident working with a variety of populations and communities in a respectful and mana/autonomy-enhancing way. Educators: Trauma-informed facilitation skills can be useful in educational settings, such as schools, colleges, and universities. Facilitators may work with students who have experienced trauma and may provide training for educators and staff on trauma-informed practices. This training focuses on increasing your understanding of trauma symptoms and responses so that you know how to hold space for them, navigate them safely and effectively, and create safer, more accessible and inclusive environments. Yoga Teachers, Coaches, and Wellness Practitioners: This training equips you to not only make your current offering safer and more inclusive and accessible for the general public, but it also provides the tools and knowledge to work with specific populations and communities that have experienced individual and collective trauma. This training explores intentional sequencing, language considerations, supportive and autonomy-enhancing choice-making skills, somatic practices for self- and co-regulation, as well as evidence-based tools and techniques for navigating activating and triggering experiences. Human Resources: Trauma-informed facilitation skills can also be valuable in human resources roles, particularly when working with employees who have experienced trauma or managing difficult workplace situations. While you may not know someone’s life story, this training shows you that creating safer, more humanistic spaces within your organization helps employees and colleagues feel heard, seen, and supported - helping you foster a culture of engagement, healthy productivity, and creativity.

Through this interactive training you will connect with an international community of peers to learn, develop & share trauma-informed embodied practices, yoga and somatics. This is a personable training with only 20 SPACES AVAILABLE so that we are able to build strong communication between all students, whilst creating and maintaining an on-going community of movement facilitators across the globe.

Meet Your Lead Faculty &
Guest Facilitators. 

Throughout the training you will receive lectures and community practices from a global community of practitioners who each bring a unique and diverse range of knowledge whilst uniting towards a common goal of trauma informed practice. 

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"The world is in a space of stress and anxiety. Trauma is part of the human condition and it always will be. It is not something that we will ever eliminate. But our ability to adapt and our ability to restore ourselves through these events that impact our lives is pretty amazing and phenomenal. I am a huge advocate for movement & restoration in helping us as we walk along this path for ourselves and for those we work with"

- Kirsten Wilkinson, Legacy Motion Founder

Equity in Investment  

Choosing your tier. We are committed to offering trainings, mentorships and opportunities that are of the highest quality, affordable and accessible while striving to keep equity and mutual exchange at the soul of how we serve.  We recognize that we live in systems of inequity and we strive to find ways of finding balance within this. We feel that the deepest engagement and greatest benefit comes when there is a meaningful mutual exchange. For these reasons, we offer tiered pricing. There is an invitation to reflect on your access to resources and privilege, the value of this work, what you can genuinely afford, and what you might pay for comparable training programs. By committing to what is truly within your means you make it possible for others to show up within theirs and we are all grateful for this.

Find out more about tiered pricing. 

Personalized payment plans are available. Payment plans are a binding contract between you and SomaPsych. If payments are not kept up-to-date, you may lose access to your course until payments are back on track. Email Esther at for registration with details of your payment tier, and instalment choice for your plan.

TIER 1: $5000 – For those who are financially well-resourced and who are able to contribute to our scholarship fund. Reflects the value of the course in Western economic markets.

TIER 2: $4600 – For those on medium incomes and access to financial resources who also are able to contribute to our scholarship fund. 

TIER 3: $4200 – For those on low incomes, caring responsibilities and from marginalized communities.

Individual 100hr Modules




Application deadline: August 1st 2023

In addition to our tiered pricing, we also have scholarships available for: 1) People from non-western / low-economy countries and financially marginalized communities, who otherwise would be unable to access a training such as this. 2) People experiencing serious personal / financial hardship. To apply for a scholarship please complete our scholarship application form. Applications close 1st August 2023. Currently, this mentorship is not offered in person and has limited space online. However, if space is full upon registration you will be offered additional date options. 

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Kassandra Lynne

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 I am a visual storyteller using photography as my primary medium and I am also the founder of Rewild Retreats. My primary focus these days is telling the story of intimate connections, in the sense of a deep knowing or connection to Self and others, through boudoir photography. Creating a bit of a twist to this style of photography, the Rewild brand emerged and has evolved into what we now offer as Rewild Retreats. Through these retreats, my team and I provide a safe place to explore our inner & outer landscapes through self development workshops, creative art workshops, guided meditation & visualization, yoga & breathwork, & challenging outdoor adventures. Last year I decided to jump on board Module 2 of this Trauma-Informed Facilitator training because I wanted to learn more about embodiment practices and how best to offer them. The knowledge I gained from this Module of the course really blew me away and was above & beyond what I expected to be honest. It has not only changed my entire worldview but has helped me immensely in my own healing journey. Needless to say, I've signed up for the full 300-hour program now and am fully immersed in the training as we speak. The more I learn, the more understanding & empathy I have for others, which is so important in my work.... and life in general! I feel I have a much stronger capacity to create brave spaces for my retreat participants and photography clients so they can be free to express however they see fit and I'm also able to adapt my offerings to those who may need assistance. My biggest takeaway so far is that trauma, no matter how you see it, affects us all. As communities, we need to recognise this and work together so that we can heal together & create strong foundations for the generations to come. This is my hope & what I continue to inspire in my offerings."
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