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Thanking the Ones that Walked Away.

He set the bar so high right from the beginning. He showed me everything I wanted and deserved; it would be such a disservice to him and everything he taught and showed me if I settled for anything less than amazing. So I waited. And waited. But it was worth it because he deserved me finding someone who soared so high above his bar that it would make us both happy to see where we both are now.

I think it’s probably safe to say that we all have that one love that got away. The one that makes us ask ‘what if?’ That love that woke us up and showed us what it meant to not only receive but to give unconditional love in the most beautiful way. It’s the love that makes our heart ache when we find ourselves alone. We feel that we may never find that kind of love again. Maybe we fucked up? Maybe we should have fought a little harder or done things differently. We marinate in the questions and the excruciating heartbreak of not being the one they chose as their forever.

But that’s not fair.

Instead of getting stuck in the longing, in the missing, in the heartbreak, we need to break out and honour everything they taught us. We must rejoice in the fact that we were lucky enough to experience this incredible person and feel every single thing they made us feel. How beautiful is it to have loved so deeply that nothing feels like it will ever compare? They set the standard so unbelievably high because they showed us what we are worthy of, the kind of person and love we deserve.

So instead of missing this person, thank them. Honour them by never settling for anything less than what you both know you deserve. Make them proud by valuing yourself as much as they did while you were together.

And when that person comes along that rocks you to your core, sweeps you off your feet and takes your breath away, quietly thank that long lost love for helping build you into the person who can now love with every ounce of your incredible soul. If it weren’t for the past experiences and heartbreaks you couldn't possibly know the depths of your capacity to love and show up in a healthy relationship.

Be well & Love deeply, Amanda

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