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Love Evolved.

There's always a moment when you realize a love is bigger than you are. It's the moment everything changes. The moment you notice yourself showing up in unexpected ways because this person and this love means more than your own comfort, more than your own happy shelter that you've created around your heart.

This love shows you the depths of who you are, your wildness, your hopelessly romantic side, your heart and your compassion. You take the time to understand this person who has taken your world by storm and rocked you to your core. You want them to know that you are there, wholeheartedly and fully there.

You know there may come a time when you are no longer together but for the time being you allow it to set your world on fire. You allow it to wake you up and go even further into your own complex ocean. You want to know this newly awakened part of you that's capable of loving this person so fully that every relationship before this only now makes sense that it was endured to get you to this very moment. Every heartbreak you experienced is now so worth it. All it was doing was creating space and making you into the person you are that is now so in love with themselves that they can love someone else so unconditionally.

Now you want to know what makes this amazing creature tick. What makes the twinkle in their eye light up a room. You want your touch to send electricity through their body.

So you observe. You analyze. You dig and pry but also listen to understand. You crave their time and attention only because you love being in their presence and going deep into the depths of their beautiful minds.

But most important; you're there.

You're just there for them. You want them to know it's safe to begin to allow the walls to crumble down. You're the safe harbour they've been craving because that's what they are to you. The baggage they come with seems so insignificant because it makes them who they are. It's shaped their story and you're holding the door wide open as they drag each suitcase in behind them. You help them unpack it all in whatever way you can.

No matter how hard it is to quietly sit and patiently wait for them to find their voice and allow their hearts to open, you know it's worth it. Maybe you won't be their forever and see the person they come out on the other side of coming out of their comfort zone, but you know they'll be so much happier and stronger for it. So you stay and you are there. Be well & Live loud, Amanda

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