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Booking the Ticket Makes it All Real.

I think things became a little more real today. The ticket is booked (after a very stressful and confusing amount of time trying to get it all sorted) and we’ve started telling close friends about our venture.

Who knew it was so difficult to just go visit the US as a Canadian? Well, it is. After reading many a blog and Googling things we’d never thought we’d have to Google, we finally decided on booking a 3 month return trip, with the intention of cancelling the return flight, paying the minimal fee and re-booking to wherever it is we go next. This allows us the freedom to potentially get a job and be sponsored or apply for a different visa if need be. Apparently the US does not just hand out working visas like most other countries do.

As you can see, the trip is the ultimate form as what us yogi’s like to call “surrendering”. Every possible thing is being left up to the Universe. Right down to the next step. We haven’t even planned what happens if Hawaii doesn’t work out. Some people may look at us like we’re crazy, or even lazy, but this trip absolutely has to play out the way it’s supposed to. We’re both creating a lot of space for whatever it is that’s supposed to unfold. We really toyed with the idea of just vacationing in Hawaii and then moving on, but that just wouldn’t do that part of the adventure justice. Hawaii was chosen for a reason and we need to leave as much time and space open for whatever experience or opportunity that is supposed to come our way.

I was telling a good friend about this crazy venture and she asked, “ok, so how does this all make your heart feel?” She knows me. She knows my wild and crazy side, my indecisive say-yes-now-ask-questions-later, free-spirited side. She knows I want it all and won’t ever settle for mediocre or half-assed experiences. She also knows that I tend to just do things for the sake of doing them. So when the words started to flow as I answered her and I noticed the ease and contentment in my soul as I spoke of being so happy and satisfied with this decision, I knew I was on to something. There is a carelessness that is so pure and authentic in deciding to do this. And it’s not that I don’t care, it’s that I know in my soul it’s what I absolutely need right now. I know my spirit will always crave adventure, spontaneity, love and fulfilment in all that I do and those I surround myself with. My finally saying yes to my heart, I can finally stop worrying about if this is going to work or if things will be ok. You’re damn right things are going to be ok because I am putting all of my time and energy into everything I love and how could the universe possibly say no to that?

Be well & Live loud, Amanda


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