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And So It Begins.

4 months ago we walked into a room full of yogi’s wanting to learn more about meditation and deepen their practice. We had never met before but there was something insanely familiar and comforting when we locked eyes. We bonded instantly and knew something amazing was going to come of this instant sisterly bond.

Fast forward to a paddle-board session on a lake near Calgary. We had both just got back from an amazing trip; she had spent time in Costa Rica while I was in Nicaragua. Something about those island vibes and beach moments reignited something deep within. We’ve both always known Calgary isn’t our vibe, we travel so much to escape. But why not just leave? Why stay? As we paddled our way through the majestic mountains surrounding Barrier Lake, we just kept saying how badly we wanted out. “I just want to book a one way ticket somewhere and just go!” We’ve always talked this way. I’ve been saying it for years. But this time felt different. We could sense the absolute seriousness in each other’s voice, the eagerness, the desperation to Just Go.

What if we throw a bunch of countries in a hat and just let the universe decide where it is we’re supposed to go? But we didn’t stop there. After writing almost 30 countries on to pieces of paper, we just could not decide how to narrow it down. We want to see it all! So we hit the streets of Calgary to put our faith into the hands of complete strangers. When we saw someone that vibe’d with either of us, we asked them to pick 1 of 2 pieces of paper; the piece they picked went back into the mix and the other was instantly shredded so we had absolutely no idea what was left. We met some of the coolest people that night and everyone was just absolutely stoked that we were actually doing this. Some looked at us like we were crazy but for the most part they just couldn’t believe we were going through with it.

The feeling of having absolutely no idea what name will be on that last piece of paper has been excruciating! Today, we hit Kensington in order to find out our destiny. It could literally be anywhere. Everything from India and Vietnam to Scotland and Peru are on those tiny shreds of paper. Over the next 2 months, we will be selling or donating everything we have here (mostly so we have the funds to support this trip!). Yes, there’s moments of sheer doubt and fear. But that’s exactly why we need this. We need the discomfort, the uncertainty, the challenge and most of all the adventure. We need to say yes to ourselves and our lives. We need to live our most authentic lives and right now, we’re completely surrendering this to the universe and letting her do her wild thing!

Here we go, Amanda


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