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You Need Fibre & Water in your Diet... ASAP!

Fibre and water are extremely important on their own but when they come together, it’s a beautiful thing! Just by increasing these two things daily, you will notice healthier looking skin and hair, increased energy, less irritability and fatigue, you’ll just feel better over all.

Here’s why!

Increasing water and fibre intake promote healthy elimination. By pooping (yes... pooping!) more you’re getting rid of waste that are just sitting in your system. As these toxins and excess hormones just sit there they are being reabsorbed into the bloodstream- this is where things go AWOL.

Once these substances are back in the system, they’re messing with the regular day-to-day of the cells, organs and tissues t by causing congestion and confusion within the body; hormones fluctuate, the liver gets backed up, mood and energy are all over the map now, it get’s messy.

So let’s just make sure we’re going number 2 on the regular. Did you know you should be going at least 2-3 times a day? We need to add bulk to our diets so there is something to bind to the waste and we need water to flush it out! Getting adequate fibre daily is easier than it sounds- the recommendations of daily intake differ from source to source but I like to aim for 40 grams give or take of a combination of soluble (binds to substances for elimination) and insoluble fibre (adds the bulk).

High fibre foods include steel cut oats, lentils, beans, legumes, vegetables (celery), apples and pears (pectin), corn… Make yourself and jam-packed smoothie (see below) in the morning and notice the difference it makes not only in both energy and mood stability throughout the day but also in your regularity.



Chia Seeds (about a tablespoon since they make the smoothie thicker as they hydrate)

Hemp Seeds


Your favourite vegan protein powder

Coconut or Cashew Milk



Be well & Live loud, Amanda


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