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Meditation is Scary.

It seems meditation is becoming more and more popular, which I love. I think it's a very healthy practice to quiet your mind even if it is for just 5 minutes a day. However, I find that many people make it sound super easy, "just meditate and you won't be stressed anymore." Oh, ok, cool. The yoga teacher will calmly tell you to "just close your eyes and let your mind fall into peace and quiet. Let the stress of your day go with every breath" in her soft, purr of a whisper. Most articles write about how meditating is the best, and easiest thing you can do for your mental, emotional and physical health, you just have to sit there and not think!

I'm sorry but the first thousand times I tried to meditate, it was more stressful than what I was originally stressed out about. "Am I doing this right? I feel like I shouldn't hear my own thoughts if I'm doing it right. I'm not doing it right. How do people do this? Should I count sheep? Breathe in, breathe out. What should I have for dinner after yoga tonight? That guy