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What Selling EVERYTHING Shows You.

The second the first item in my home sold my excitement level went through the roof. All of sudden the whole thing started to really sink in. It was unfortunate that the first item had to be my massive dresser full of more clothes than one person should ever own. They are currently in messy piles all over my floor, so that’s been great. And then the TV went.

The kicker was when I had a friend walk through my home and just pick things at random (19 books, 4 essential oils, incense, yoga pants and a toque to be exact) throw them in a very expensive yoga bag and hand me $100. It was in that moment that I realized this is going to be insanely hard. I have spent so much money on things. Just things. Things that really don’t mean anything to me anymore, maybe never did, but in the moment when I bought them I NEEDED them. And now I’m basically just giving them away in order to live the most simplistic and basic life possible. I felt a wave of nausea when they’d hold up these items that I didn’t even realize I had and ask how much I wanted for them. Some items still have the price tag on them. Even as I write this, I’m looking around at all the things just in my close vicinity. Where did I get this candleholder that has never even had a candle in it? When did this blanket show up that’s under the pile of other blankets in this basket? Instead of sitting here wondering when this materialistic side came to be and why I ever considered it important to collect things, I’ll focus on the fact that all is about to change. Things will be replaced with experiences, unnecessary items with essentials and clutter with peace of mind.

Someone asked why I was selling absolutely everything. Why not just get a storage unit and have it for when you come back? Throw it in your parents basement for when you’re back. Key words: when you come back. I don’t plan on coming back, folks. For as many years as I can remember now, I’ve kept saying I want to just go. I want to see it all. I want experiences and I want to get the hell out of Calgary, ya ya there’s a lot of great to this city but it is just not my vibe and we all know that. I am meant for so much more.

Every time I have gone away before, I have always had stuff to come back to. I’ve always just been able to pick up where I left off and settle back in. Not this time. This time is so very different. This time, I am gone. Maybe not forever, probably, but maybe not. I am going to make it near impossible to just come back and start again. I know that things are going to get hard while we travel. I know there are going to be moments of WTF am I doing. But I refuse to have the thought of “I could just go back” in the back of my mind when those times get harder.

So I sit here, try and price things reasonably, throw it on Kijiji and Facebook and think of the experiences and adventures this money is going to fund. There is something so liberating in seeing things start to flow out of your life. Create space for whatever needs to flow in and out and seeing everything unfold the way it should.

Be well & Do The Thing,


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