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Elevated You 
Mental Health & Trauma-Informed Self-Discovery and Growth Program

Exploring mental health, mindfulness neuroscience, embodiment practices, to hold a safe and brave space whilst you explore self-discovery, resiliency, confidence, living an aligned life, and so much more.

This self-discovery and growth program works with who you are, what you are struggling with, what you are capable of and helps light the path of where you are heading. We work in partnership to co-create a journey that is best for you, your overall health, and the goals you have in mind, to integrate sustainable long-lasting change.

This 8-week individually tailored program works by organically tailoring a variety of tools and techniques to support your needs on a weekly basis. I work with the premise that not one size fits all, therefore once we have initially had a call to explore what is alive for you, I will tailor an individual program which will support you in the Elevated You journey. 


Elevated You is a journey into your body and mind. 

Throughout my work, I help people understand the difference between top-down processing, where the mind makes sense of something first, and bottom-up processing where the body experiences something and the mind then understands it at a deeper level. I sit in the intersection of these, helping the body feel into the tools and resources to solidify them as a foundation moving forward while also working with the mind to challenge and shift thoughts, beliefs, and cognitive understanding. By working from both angles, a body+mind approach, we can ensure more long-lasting and sustainable changes.


What You’re Investing In

● Weekly check-in and education-based video calls to help you understand how you operate as a human being, what trauma-informed mental health is and how you can further build resiliency in your life.

● Homework for self-reflection, discovery, growth, and development that can be done on your own time and discussed on the weekly calls.

● Tools, resources, and coaching that helps you understand how to build your own life and write the story of your future from a mentally, emotionally, and energetically sound and present state of being.

● You will be guided through somatic work and breathing tools so that you can work through the harder conversations.

● We unpack past traumas in a safe, resilience-based, and solution-focused way to ensure you are releasing struck residue from past traumas and creating space to re-write the internal blueprint for holistic health.

● We’ll discuss topics like the inner critic and how to befriend the anxious and fear-driven thoughts so you have tools that you can use going forward.

● We’ll explore empowerment and confidence techniques that involve nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset shifts so that you genuinely feel like your best self.



Program Outline


Over the course of 8 weeks, you will have 8 interactive sessions via Zoom per week.

You will also have 2 SOS calls over the 8 week period - this means you can call outside of the scheduled sessions if you’re in need of on-the-spot assistance - I got you.

Initial Call;

Building Nervous System Capacity & Creating Trauma-Informed Foundations

On the initial call, we will build safety, we will build the foundations of your Elevated You tailored program. Together we build a toolbox of resources so that you are able to regulate your nervous system. We will inquire into what your current capacity for exploring the roots of your belief system are, taking into consideration that this may change along the way. By doing this, we are able to know what tools need to be in place so that I can ask the harder questions. Once these resources and tools are in place, you will be in a safe container to hold your boundaries and to know when it is safe to explore and when it is time to stop. 

The tailored program;

Safe Exploration of Self

Each week we discuss different aspects of mental health, stress and anxiety, mindfulness neuroscience, embodiment practices, and so much more. We will be using different tools and techniques so that you have everything you need to build a sense of resiliency and empowerment in your life - taking back full control. 

We will be exploring past stories, events, and experiences to further understand where things like fear, lack of confidence, anxiety, and uncertainty come from and how you can sit in and with this discomfort and grow from it. This program asks you to dig deep but more than that it asks you to fully step into the potential and possibility of what your life could be like if you were no longer held back by the past.


We will work on re-establishing a deep connection with your true self and work on vision shifting so you have a clear idea of what your future might hold for you and how you can make it happen. We step out of the trauma stories and into the integration and processing for future-cased solutions.

Trauma-Informed Facilitator & Coach 

Hello, my name is Amanda Hanna

I am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist specializing in Nervous system support and hormone balance (CHN), as well as a registered Psychology student.   My studies, personal experience and teachings in Yoga, Mindfulness, & Neuroscience, allows me to combine my expertise and passion to facilitate an empowering space for personal transformation. I hold over  500 hours in trauma-informed trainings, including social justice and inclusivity. My trainings here at SomaPsych all have a large focus on trauma-informed facilitation, to create safe and brave spaces for all. 

My greatest passion is walking alongside others as they reclaim their innate resilience to create embodied and empowered transformation throughout their lives.

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For more information and payment plan options, please email us at

Tiered pricing and personalised payment plans are available. 

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