Owning Your Power

What is the ELEVATED Self?
Transformation is the moment you step out of the old ways that no longer best suit the truest You and step back into your authentic truth. It's the moment you powerfully step into the fullness, the realness, the Everything that you are. It's you stepping into your Elevated Self and owning every aspect of your life, your health, your wellbeing, your Self. 

It's about digging deep and exploring all of the aspects of yourself that make you who you are and developing the foundational skills and empowerment to authentically show up in this world. It's unlearning, deprogramming, and shedding so that you can embrace, build, and courageously share the Whole You powerfully and compassionately. 

What's Involved?

This exclusive program is only available for 3 people at a time so that I can give my full attention, energy, and self to the process.

This intimate time together is about digging deep into who you are and what you desire so that the program can be personalized to best suit your needs. 

Through video calls, worksheets, activities, and more we will look at concepts like the following so that you can build a very solid foundation through education and experience so that this shift can turn into a lifestyle, not something that just fizzles out after the honeymoon wears off.  


Mindfulness Neuroscience

Emotional Intelligence


Courageous Communication


Self-care & Self-soothing

Mental Health Fitness

Vision Setting vs. Goal Setting
Career and Business Venture Coaching

and so SO much more!

Who is This For?

Anyone looking for more meaning, more zest, deeper connections, courageous authenticity... 
basically more of everything meaningful in life!

This is for those who are willing to put in the work, ask the hard questions and hear the difficult truths.

Those who are ready to step both feet into the arena of growth and empowerment.

Those who want to live their best life and to spark that same curiosity and hunger in others. 

This is for You.