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Cultivating Trauma-Informed Organisations 
with SomaPsych

Today, more than ever, we must meet our employees and colleagues with compassion and create safe systems and processes within organizations for all to thrive. 

Social injustice and systemic change are prevalent in society today. We must do our work internally and externally to shift the behavior and mindset that so often perpetuates these damaging social and organizational constructs. 

In my work within communities, isolated populations and organizations, I see the importance more than ever of working from a trauma-informed approach.

As organizations and communities, we must acknowledge and address trauma, taking a focused and forward-thinking look at how it impacts the workforce and communities we interact with. 

The future is Trauma-Informed.

A Tailored Program to meet the demands & goals of your organisation.

We offer flexible scheduling for most training sessions, ranging from a half-day (3 hours) to 3 days (20 hours) depending on your goals and needs. We will work with you to determine what you hope to achieve for your team and organization and tailor the content accordingly to fit within the ideal timeframe.

A personalized program as a means to build resiliency against the impacts of trauma and stress within your organization. 

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To further discuss a tailored trauma-informed business consultancy plan, please email

An information package will be sent to you upon request. 

Trauma-Informed Business Consultancy Pillars 

SomaPsych’s Trauma-Informed Business Consultancy sits at the intersection of employee mental health, employee communications, and corporate communications.

Trauma-Informed Mental Health

Working from a Trauma-Informed Mental Health lens means supporting the body, mind and everything in between. We work together to put the necessary systems and processes in place to support staff members in cultivating sustainable mental health practices, whilst altering the systems which are causing harm to employees. This allows us to make sustainable and long-lasting changes.. This personalized business consultancy will look at burnout, stress, self-care, boundaries, vicarious trauma, conflict/ resolution, and mindful neuroscience, and so much more.

Trauma-Informed Employee Communications

Trauma-Informed Employee Communications means working from the view and understanding that it is not what is wrong with them, it is what happened to them. Communication is our most powerful tool and must be treated with utmost importance because we are often unaware of what kinds of experiences our colleagues, employees, or clients may have had. Together we will integrate the appropriate tools and techniques into the organisation that will work to improve physical, mental and emotional well-being.  

We will ensure the practices are in place to support diversity from the ground up. It is not about the diversity statement, rather it is about the retention numbers, diversity policies, company policies against racism, and the inclusivity of minority groups. We strive to integrate these changes into the core of the organization.

Trauma-Informed Corporate Communications 

A trauma-informed approach to communications looks at the foundations of the marketing and communications to the external landscape. We still start by understanding the need to work from a strength-based approach, eliminating the need to of utilising customer vulnerabilities in marketing practices. We will look at the importance of having inclusive and accessible communication via different mediums, taking into consideration factors like racism, disabilities, minority and ethnic groups when creating all marketing copy. Finally we will look at how to use marketing and communications to decrease anxiety and stress to the customers and workforce, and rather to create a place for customers and the organization to flourish.

This coaching program takes you beyond the mundane and every day of business and takes you into the heart of what it means to find a sense of power and control in every moment. It’s one thing to have a good sense of business but it’s another thing altogether to lead from a space of fierce authenticity and wholehearted drive. 

By looking at the systems and practices in place, and resolving to work from a trauma-informed lens, you are able to build opportunities for the workforce and clientele to rebuild a sense of resilience and empowerment.

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