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SomaPsych & tribe leadership

A Humanized Approach to Business

6 Week Online Program

July 31 - September 10, 2023

For the professional seeking a peoples

liberation movement

Integrating humanistic principles into an organization means operating from a place of understanding stress and adversity while also recognizing the adverse effects it can have within organizations and the communities we work within.

Stress and challenges are a natural part of life that affects who we are, how we show up and how we navigate the world. Integrating humanistic principles into an organization means operating from a place of understanding stress and adversity while also recognizing the adverse effects it can have within organizations and the communities we work within. As a business professional, understanding people and the challenges they face helps you better navigate the impacts it has on them and the workforce. This knowledge and tools help you approach organizational processes from a humanistic lens, mitigating the harm perpetuated by a misunderstanding of human behaviour. It means creating a safe and supportive work environment for all to thrive.

What is a humanized approach to business?

Humanizing our approach to business is, at its core, a people’s liberation movement.  Many of us have worked in organizations where we’ve either witnessed or been involved in some pretty unsavoury behaviour in the name of “good business sense”.  When we humanize, we add context, we consider information that may be outside our usual channels and seek to build community that may extend far beyond the edge of our organizational boundaries.


Humanizing business brings together a set of practices which currently sit largely on the periphery for most executives - mindfulness, trauma-informed facilitation, holistic thinking and embodied knowing.  We utilize tools and techniques that are congruent with these practices and designed to dismantle static, centralized power structures in favour of collaboration and responsiveness.  We shift from reductionist, binary thinking into a spectrum of possibilities utilizing complexity theory for change-making.  Our businesses are human-centred, customer-led and purposeful.

How will this programme help you move toward a humanistic approach?

This program is an introduction to a mindset, frameworks and a set of proven business tools and practices to support your organization’s move towards a more humanistic approach.


You’ll learn the personal tools you need to keep yourself resourced and feeling resilient throughout your change campaign. We’ll explore the science of stress and why learning how regulating your nervous system is paramount for meaningful and sustainable change. This program looks at how to go from surviving the day-to-day to thriving in uncertainty and meeting challenges head-on in a healthy and endurable way. We’ll explore what resilience and mental agility mean for you and evidence-based tools to support and increase your capacity for work, life and everything in between. 


We’ll also share proven business techniques for implementing a radical shift in the way your organization functions.  You’ll learn how to decentralize decision-making for speed and risk mitigation; implement continuous learning strategies that foster creativity and innovation; navigate an environment of constant change with robust practices that embrace variability - enabling action whilst others flounder.

For the professional seeking a peoples

liberation movement

Integrating humanistic principles into an organization means operating from a place of understanding stress and adversity while also recognizing the adverse effects it can have within organizations and the communities we work within.

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Who is this training for?

Suitable for - Executives, Managers, Human Resource Professionals, Business Owners, Company Directors - seeking to transform their businesses

Equity in Investment - Choosing Your Tier

We are committed to offering trainings, mentorships and opportunities that are of the highest quality, affordable and accessible while striving to keep equity and mutual exchange at the soul of how we serve. 

We recognize that we live in systems of inequity and we strive to find ways of finding balance within this. We feel that the deepest engagement and greatest benefit comes when there is a meaningful mutual exchange. 

For these reasons, we offer tiered pricing. There is an invitation to reflect on your access to resources and privilege, the value of this work, what you can genuinely afford, and what you might pay for comparable training programs. By committing to what is truly within your means you make it possible for others to show up within theirs and we are all grateful for this. 

Find out more about tiered pricing.                   
All prices are in New Zealand Dollars (NZD)

TIER 1: $1975 – For individuals, companies and organizations who are financially well-resourced. This reflects the value of the course in Western economic markets. A portion of this contributes to our scholarship fund to make these trainings accessible for others.

TIER 2: $1650 – For those whose access to financial resources is more limited. Potentially those operating in or as a non-profit and have access to funding.

TIER 3: $1275 – For those working with lower incomes, potentially those operating in or as a non-profit, or working with those with caring responsibilities and from marginalized communities.


In addition to our tiered pricing, we also have scholarships available for: 

  1. People from non-western / low-economy countries and financially marginalized communities, who otherwise would be unable to access a training such as this.

  2. People experiencing serious personal / financial hardship.

Scholarship applications are due June 26, 2023

Lead Facilitators 


Amanda Hanna 

Founder of SomaPsych

Amanda Hanna

Amanda holds over 500 hours in trauma-informed trainings, including social justice and inclusivity. As a Certified Nutritionist, her focus is nervous system support and hormonal balancing through a whole-being approach. Amanda is a registered Psychology (Hons) student and holds regular workshops and trainings with an emphasis on trauma-informed facilitation, resilience, nervous system regulation, neuroscience and embodied practices. 

Amanda holds over 1000 hours in Yoga, Anatomy & Physiology Trainings as well as extensive training and experience in holistic nutrition, meditation, mindfulness neuroscience, and energetics allowing her to develop a style unique to her.

Amanda’s passion lies in knowing the sacred responsibility facilitators of any space or experience hold. Through her work, she helps people discover their power and voice within their offering while ensuring it is done with respect, kindness, informed intention, and evidence-based knowledge.

I look forward to working alongside you,

Amanda Hanna | | @soma.psych

Program Facilitator 


Program Facilitator 

Danelle Jones

Graduate, Australian Institute of Company DIrectors, (GAICD)
Masters Engineering Project Management, (MEPM)

PHD Student (Transformative Studies)

CSU Psychology and Mental Health Counselor Masters Candidate 

I started life as a project manager in construction but quickly became fascinated with the less-than-certain environment of digital organisations.  Blending people, process, hardware and software into different concoctions intrigued me from the start.  We had fun.  A lot of fun, and we got some bangin' big projects off the ground and humming.  Not only that, we did it with enough style that I earned a reputation as a chick that could get it done.


And then I began to realise we can only go so far in the office.  tribe is my passion for supporting leaders, taken to the next level.  I believe the good guys don't finish last, I believe in setting an example so great that others can't help but have to take notice as you skyrocket your results beyond their wildest dreams.  And I believe this requires us to embrace all of ourselves, our hidden talents, our vulnerabilities, to bring our whole selves to the workplace - and to enable that for our teams as well.  Imagine the incredible productivity uplift if we could use our full capabilities, rather than the tiny sliver that most of today's organisations exchange for a fortnightly pay cheque.


I've been incredibly privileged to have time with some of Asia-Pacific's top executives and to have real, raw, forthright and life-changing conversations.  I intend to use this position of privilege to change the face of leadership, one person at a time.

Danelle Jones 

Founder of tribe leadership

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For more information and payment plan options, please email us at

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