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Yoga Mentorship

Trauma-Informed Approach 

What is a Yoga Mentorship?
A yoga mentorship is for those who are looking to step fully into their authentic offering but maybe aren't quite sure what that looks like yet, you might still be exploring and trying to find your voice in the vast sea of facilitators already out there. 

It's for those who have a solid foundation of what they are offering yet aren't sure how to market it in a kind, real way without sounding too "salesy" or pushy. It's for those who aren't sure how to take the next step in their journey - maybe it's from studio classes to formulating and hosting a workshop or retreat. Maybe it's stepping into the world of yoga teacher trainings and designing your own trainings. 

It's for those who want to stay grounded in their truth and deeply connected to their own spice that makes their offering so special in the first place - this helps you step up and into your power to help spread your message to those who need and want it most.

How Do I Own My Offering?

First, we spend some time exploring and solidifying your intention, your message, and your offering so that we know it's what truly lights you up from the inside out. 

Then we take either 3, 6, or 12 months and follow the personalized plan and coaching path we've curated for you so that you have everything you need along the way - this means coaching calls and check-ins so that we can stay on top of your growth and evolution.

You'll have access to all of my resources, networks, templates, formulas, and more so that you can use what works for you and recreate the ones to better fit your offering. 


Every package is created differently to best match the needs of the individual.

Inquiry and booking

To further discuss a tailored yoga mentorship, please email

Personalized payment plans are available. To discuss options suitable for you please email with your name, the training you are enrolling on, and your payment needs which we will discuss further.

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To further discuss a tailored yoga mentorship, please email

Tiered pricing and personalised payment plans are available.

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