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2 hour Workshop


Holding Space will offer professionals who work or plan on working with communities and individuals with an opportunity to learn the essential tools and methods that create a trauma informed space as well as how to integrate these foundational changes into their current and future work.  Trauma is part of the human experience, so it is important to know more about it and to apply that knowledge consistently and accurately.     


This 2 hour workshop will break down our responsibility of self care as “holders of space”, offer a comprehensive mind/body definition of trauma, explore foundational anatomy and physiology of trauma with emphasis on the nervous system, discuss interventional tools and embodied practices for when trauma shows up, teach how to create a “safe space”, and the importance of self and co-regulation  Participation will include both lecture based and experiential based learning in order to have an authentic experience with the material and to be able to more accurately apply their new knowledge to their personal and professional lives.


What is Trauma Informed?

Trauma-informed means taking into account past trauma and the resulting coping mechanisms when attempting to understand the behaviors of those we are working alongside. It means bringing empathy and compassion to every interaction and creating a safe and accessible space for all.


This workshop is mental health care focused and Yoga Alliance Certified.  


This workshop is suitable for:

  • Anyone interested in understanding more about trauma and how to be more prepared when it show up in your personal and professional lives

  • Wellness, Health, social service, teachers, and community professionals hoping to integrate a trauma-informed approach into their existing practice, organizations, and work.

  • Activists, humanitarians and social justice advocates hoping to support community connections through equitable space building into their social justice and systemic change agendas.

  • Those wanting to deepen their own understanding of how self-regulation and co-regulation can be used as an integrated tool in the processing and experiencing of everyday life from a more embodied and accessible perspective.


** Please note, this is an introduction workshop to the 20HR Trauma Informed Facilitator Training. Whilst this workshop is certified by Yoga Alliance, you will not leave with a certification or be qualified as a trauma-informed facilitator.

Holding Space Workshop; A Trauma Informed Lens

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