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SomaPsych is honoured to offer this 100 Hour YACEP Yin Yoga & Trauma-Informed 100HR Teacher Training TTC 

Online, August 07th - September 30th, 2023. 

What is Yin Yoga?

"In Yin Yoga, we come to an edge in a pose and become still. While we hold the pose, we go within. We start to notice what is going on in life, right here, right now - without adding any drama, without taking anything away from the experience. With clarity, we see what is really needed, beyond cravings and aversions that normally move us. We are now free to create a new response, and over time build new paths to follow" (Bernie Clark).

Yin is slow and passive. It is steady and reflective. It is the energy with which we approach our Yin Yoga practice. Our aim is to target the deeper more yin tissues within the body, the connective tissues, ligaments, tendons and joints. We do this through long, still holds of varying asanas that target different parts of the physical and energetic body. The body and mind are challenged in a multitude of ways helping us to not only reap the physiological and anatomical benefits but also to cultivate more mindfulness and mental health benefits both on and off the mat.

Why Yin Yoga?
By studying Yin Yoga professionally, you will gain the knowledge and experience to confidently share your understanding with your students while also deepening your own personal practice. This allows you the opportunity to hone your existing skills and expertise while learning new and informed ways of cultivating a powerful and safe class for the general public. You will be able to confidently sequence and guide a safe and accessible class while understanding the power of the language we, as teachers, use as well as offering ways in which your students can further explore the capacity of their thoughts, beliefs, and patterns.

In a fast-paced world, the practice of yin yoga offers space to truly slow down and find stillness. Yin is the yielding, allowing part of life where we are able to tune into the subtleties of the present moment and choose to respond rather than react. The body and mind are challenged in a multitude of ways helping us not only reap the physiological and anatomical benefits but also cultivate more mindfulness and mental health benefits both on and off the mat.


Why Trauma-Informed?
The body holds trauma to different degrees and complexities. As a teacher, you are creating space for individuals to explore and connect with their breath, body and mind. Therefore it is important to be sure we are able to hold students in the wholeness of their experience, understand what may be happening for them on a physiological and neurological level, without needing to alter or change their experience. We are here to bear witness, allow, and hold space for transformation in their own time and way.



In this 100HR  Yin Yoga Trauma-Informed Teacher Training, you will be immersed in theory, practice, ideating intentional sequencing as well as indulging in conversation & self-exploration, helping you obtain a functional and relatable understanding of the yin practice as a whole. This course is for beginners with an already existing yoga practice as well as for the more seasoned practitioners looking to either deepen their own experience or begin their journey as a teacher.

Over the course of the 100 HR Yin Yoga Teacher Training you will gain knowledge and experience in:​

  • Anatomy for Yoga; understanding the unique individuality of human beings and translating this into not only yin yoga but our day-to-day practices. You will be introduced to functional anatomy, the fascial system, muscle groups, and target areas, asana (posture) breakdowns and the art of propping.​

  • Mental Health Informed ways of Facilitating; understanding the emotional depth that is involved with this sacred practice and honouring everyone’s personal experience and practice. You will gain a general understanding of the mental and emotional health considerations that may arise as well as what is appropriate in your scope of practice.

  • Mindfulness Neuroscience; We will explore the power of conscious, mindful breathing and how we can restructure thoughts, patterns and beliefs on a neurological level. You will also gain insight into the ways in which breathing may impact physical, mental, energetic and emotional health through anatomy and physiology.

  • Facilitating Responsibly; teaching from the heart while understanding the great responsibility you hold. You will gain practical experience in holding space for others mentally, emotionally and energetically but also keeping yourself and students safe while practicing yin yoga. We will explore things like communication, propping, sequencing and other components that make a strong teacher.

Training Schedule

This training is held online for the duration of 8 weeks. Each week you will be sent an asana recording to self-practice. Each week you will need to set the time aside for this asana practice and studying the module content.


Every 2 weeks there will be an embodiment workshop where you will explore embodiment practices, and self discovery transformative concepts rooted in the energy and philosophy of yin. As well as open discussion about the practice and how this practice is a form of social justice for self, others, and our wider communities.

Every 2 weeks you will have a community call. The intention of this community call is to create a place where all students can come together to explore any and all topics that are alive for them throughout the training. 

Please note that the embodiment workshop and community call will run on alternate weeks. 


Yin Yoga Trauma-Informed Teacher Training

Online, 8 week program

August 07th 2023 - September 30th 2023


How it Works; Module Outline

Module 1

  • Anatomy for Every Body

  • Functional approach to yin yoga​

  • Yin and yang asana practice

  • Muscle groups with physical target areas​

  • Skeletal and muscular system

  • Fascial studies 

  • The approach of bio-individuality 

  • Tension and compression theory

  • Facilitating yin yoga safely & accessibly for all

  • Cueing and sequencing workshops

  • The power of propping

  • Intricate breakdown of each asana

  • Mind-body connection ​and Embodiment workshop

Module 2

  • Your Brain on Yin

  • Mental and emotional approach to yin yoga

  • Nervous system

  • Mindfulness theory and workshops

  • Neuroplasticity and our thoughts

  • Types of stress and trauma

  • Trauma-informed ways of approaching classes

  • Appropriate language and communication

  • Scope of practice and teaching responsibly

What's Included

  • 100 Hour of Yin Yoga education  

  • Two modules: Functional Anatomy & Your Brain on Yin

  • Learning materials (Manual and Yin asana guidebook)

  • Yoga Alliance CDP Certification ​​

  • Theory and interactive learning ​

  • Powerful Facilitation Methodology

  • ​Self-discovery and embodiment workshops

  • Yin Yoga asana breakdown workshops​​

  • Transformational learning environment  

  • Sequencing and communication workshops

  • Access to your teacher after the training is complete for ongoing growth

What you can expect from the training:

  • A deep understanding of yin yoga

  • A look into the art of teaching Yin, and an upgraded self-practice

  • A strong foundation in the anatomy for safe yin postures

  • An in-depth look at this modern style of yoga that works with the physical, energetic, mental and emotional dimensions of the body

  • Multiple tools to facilitate a practice that considers mental health and wellness

  • Accessible breath and meditation technique

  • A 100-Hour YACEP Certification (we are a Yoga Alliance Continuing Educational Provider!)

  • 2 manuals that cover both modules

  • Time with a knowledgeable and qualified teacher, and a supportive, like-minded community of students

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"As a Trauma Informed Yin Yoga Teacher, what benefits will this practice bring to the communities and spaces I facilitate in?"

  • Offering physical alternatives throughout and reinforcing the notion that less truly is more in our yin practice, students grant themselves permission to soften and relax in a physical, mental and energetical sense. In a fast paced world, creating these spaces within our communities is a powerful and needed gateway to bring my harmony into the body, mind and nervous system. 

  • By understanding the workings of the nervous system as a facilitator we can create a safer space for students to bring balance into the nervous system which is the root of overall well being; a mind at ease leads us to a more peaceful and healthy life.

  • Learning how to facilitate anchor points and grounding practices allows students to explore emotion and sensation whilst knowing that they can come back to relatively safety if and when the practices become too much. Our overall goal is to create safety throughout the practice in a physical, mental and energetical sense. From here students are able to develop emotional awareness and resilience. 

  • Facilitating from a trauma informed lens allows students to build agency, trust and inner resilience whilst moving through their unique embodied experience.  

  • Through an understanding of invitational language and cueing mindfully we create an accessible class for every body. Therefore the practice can be received in a safe manner by a diverse population of practitioners within the community. 

  • understanding trauma responses and how to work with them in the moment 

  • the ability to take a mental-health and human-centred approach within working relationships and with clients/participants

  • Finally, the practice of yin yoga cultivates tools for personal resilience and practices for well-being


Equity in Investment - Choosing your tier

We are committed to offering trainings that are of the highest quality, affordable and accessible while striving to keep equity and mutual exchange at the soul of how we serve. We recognize that we live in systems of inequity and we strive to find ways of finding balance within this. We feel that the deepest engagement and greatest benefit comes when there is a meaningful mutual exchange. For these reasons, we offer tiered pricing. There is an invitation to reflect on your access to resources and privilege, the value of this work, what you can genuinely afford, and what you might pay for comparable training programs. By committing to what is truly within your means you make it possible for others to show up within theirs and we are all grateful for this. Find out more about our tiered pricing system. 

All prices are in New Zealand Dollars (NZD)

TIER 1: $1275 – For those who are financially well-resourced. Reflects the value of the course in Western economic markets.

TIER 2: $1075 – For those on medium incomes and access to financial resources.

TIER 3: $775 – For those on low incomes, caring responsibilities and from marginalized communities.

Payment Plans

A non-refundable deposit of $600 is required to secure your spot with payment plan options available to best suit you e.g. weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments with full payment completed by the certification date of your training. Payment plans are a binding contract between you and SomaPsych. If payments are not kept up-to-date, you may lose access to your course until payments are back on track. Email Esther at for registration with details of your payment tier, and instalment choice for your plan.

*By purchasing the 100HR Trauma-Informed Yin Yoga Teacher Training, you agree to the following terms and conditions regarding refunds and payments.

View Financial Policies Document here

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About your facilitator;

Amanda Hanna; Director of SomaPsych

After discovering the power and beauty of Yin Yoga years ago Amanda has continued to grow her knowledge and expertise ever since. Amanda holds over 1000 hours in Yoga, Anatomy & Physiology Trainings as well as extensive training and experience in holistic nutrition, meditation, mindfulness neuroscience, and energetics she has developed a style unique to her. 

“There is no other space I know of that asks us to sacredly and vulnerably hold the physical, psychological, emotional, physiological and spiritual experience of another human. It is our duty to do so with knowledge and science alongside compassion and heart. This training brings all of these elements together to help facilitators think critically and creatively in every moment and be responsive to the needs of each and every human they walk alongside.”

"For me, the 100HR yin yoga facilitator training with SomaPsych was an epic journey of life changing experiences and learnings. The content regularly challenged beliefs, thought processes and habits which has resulted in increased personal growth and curiosity. Amanda has created a truly special training, packed with huge amounts of relevant and helpful information combining anatomy, neuroscience, yoga, trauma informed facilitation and more. I learnt so much over the 10 day course – learnings that I’ve carried into daily life, to both personal and professional environments. Amanda brings incredible energy to the course, she is an adept facilitator and very passionate about subjects covered. I would 100% recommend this course to anyone with an interest in yoga and trauma informed facilitation.”

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