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For those looking for a more individual and personal transformation experience,
SomaPsych offers 1:1 coaching program to discover your truest goals and develop a path that best supports you in creating the life you want to live - wholeheartedly!

All coaching packages are personalized to best suit your individual needs - you are your own person, everything should reflect that.

Image by Brooke Lark

Empowered Nutrition

The world of food and nutrition can feel overwhelming and confusing, we're here to help! Amanda helps demystify health and nutrition so that you can take full control of your wellbeing journey. Changing your relationship to food, eating habits, and overall health.


Transformation Coaching

For those who know there's more to this life, more to this experience, than what we're being told. It's for those with a deep, innate knowing that living an empowered, wholehearted, and ignited life is worth the work. Sparking inner curiosity and developing the foundation to bring your most authentic self into the world. 

Image by JD  Mason

Yoga Mentorship

You've done your teacher what? How do you brand your Self authentically and powerfully? How do discover your voice and cultivate an offering that is real and accessible for those you're wanting to work with? Let's get into it all!

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