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Owning Your Health

What is this Nutrition thing?
Empowered Nutrition incorporates Holistic Nutrition and Mindfulness Neuroscience to create a safe, accessible way to shift and develop healthier relationships with food. This works with mindsets, food education, and other techniques to help put the power back into your hands - it is your body, your life, your health, after all! 

Holistic Nutrition is an all-natural approach to an overall healthier you. I look at your lifestyle as a whole; considering household chemicals, environmental stress, food additives and other everyday things to see how they are contributing to your overall health. A Certified Holistic Nutritionist can help you with Digestive Issues, Sleep Quality, Balancing Hormones, Energy Levels, Skin Complexion and so much more! My goal is to make real, natural foods fun and exciting so that it’s easier to incorporate them into your every day. I look at each person as a unique individual and create a plan based solely on his or her needs and lifestyle goals for a transformational experience.

Mindfulness Neuroscience allows us to look at the thoughts, patterns, and beliefs around food and your relationship with eating. We work with this to explore different techniques in order to create healthier habits and a deeper connection to the ingredients that
are fueling you.

How Do I Own My Health?

I believe that knowledge is power, the more we know the better informed we are, the better informed we are the high-quality decisions we can make for ourselves from a place of Self-Agency/Empowerment. Every session includes either an in-person, online, or phone conversation so that you can ask questions and get clarity throughout the journey. You'll then receive a follow-up email with a summary of everything discussed for your records so that you can continue to pull from it and grow your knowledge along the way.


Every package is created differently to best match the needs of the individual.

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